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Joker Bundle (Green/Purple)

Joker Bundle (Green/Purple)

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2-Pack (Green/Purple) 800ml/28oz Wheat Straw Shaker Bottles, Made From 100% Recyclable Wheat Straw Bioplastic! 

Natty Shakers are driven to innovate shaker bottles to a more sustainable and Eco-Friendly product. Fuel your goals while supporting the environment! Shaker-Ball included.

BPA- Free✓ 
Dishwasher Safe✓ 
No Smell or Aftertaste

1-Month Warranty, and FREE Replacement If They Arrive Damaged! 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Good quality and quantity!

I love how it comes in 2 pack. It comes with green and blue color which is a plus. The quality is amazing too. It doesn’t smell plastic at all. The size is perfect for me. The shaker inside works really well with everything. Also, the lid is sturdy and doesn’t spill at all. I highly recommend this product!

Wheat Straw Shaker Bottle

These Shaker bottles are just great for my daily protein intake, It even comes with a shaker ball to break up the protein. The first thing I’d like to point out is right from the being I never got that gross plastic taste or smell you usually get from new bottles. It doesn’t change the taste of my water like some bottles do but which is nice. I am very happy with these bottles so far.

Crafty gal
Work well

These shaker bottles are a great way to mix your protein shake, the shaker balls are included. These shakers didn’t have that horrible plastic small or taste to them either.

Does the job

Good material, mixes shakes well, nice colours

Good shaker cups!

These are a good size, nice quality and work well! BPA free & dishwasher friendly.


Why are they called Natty Shakers?

Our Shakers are made out of 100% recyclable material so we call them "Natty", which is a play on the bodybuilding term used to describe someone who never took PEDs (performance-enhancing drugs). Our slogan is "Natural, Even If You Aren't." That's our way of saying regardless of if you're "natty" or not, Natty Shakers has you covered, because we're natural, even if you aren't.

What Are They Made Out Of?

Natty Shakers are made of Wheat Straw and 100% recyclable materials. Natty Shakers are leakproof, smell-proof, dishwasher safe, biodegradable, BPA-FREE, and have a carrying loop for easy travel!

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Every order gets FREE 3-Day Standard shipping! FREE replacement(s) if the Natty Shaker(s) arrive damaged. AND a 30-day warranty if your shaker breaks so you can try Natty Shakers stress-free! :)