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Holiday Bundle (Green/Red)

Holiday Bundle (Green/Red)

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2-Pack (Green/Red) 800ml/28oz Wheat Straw Shaker Bottles, Made From 100% Recyclable Wheat Straw Bioplastic! 

Natty Shakers are driven to innovate shaker bottles to a more sustainable and Eco-Friendly product. Fuel your goals while supporting the environment! Shaker-Ball included.

BPA- Free✓ 
Dishwasher Safe✓ 
No Smell or Aftertaste

1-Month Warranty, and FREE Replacement If They Arrive Damaged! 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Sally R
Great colours

Perfect for protein shakes. These come with the spring like balls that help to mix in the protein powder. Easy to clean.Very solid drink containers.

Jamie J
Great shakers

This is a great set of shakers. They are colourful and each one comes with a shaker ball.Each is 28oz/800ml.I love that they are made with straw/wheat, you can actually see it in the design. They do not have an odour or change the flavour of your beverage.Each one has a loop for ease of carrying. They seal well and I have not had an issue with leaking or spilling.I’m happy with these shaker cups and definitely recommended them.


These shakers bottles get the job done. Protein, liquid , shake , consume. There is really not alot to say, they do their intended job Dishwasher friendly.I hope this helps in your decision making.

Great quality!

I received the 2 pack of Natty shakers in the "Holiday Bundle" which had the colors "Green and Red".Both my son and I use shaker bottles every day for different powders from greens to protein and smoothies and more.These are really nice, I love the over all design and that they are made out of wheat straw instead of traditional plastics. It feels good to be using a product that is more eco friendly.The colors are really nice for these and definitely are holiday themed.The metal ball works well to shake everything up well and so far we haven't had any issues with leaking.Great quality.

Durable, attractive, more eco-friendly option

First impression was they were an attractive shaker bottle but I thought they were dirty. It turns out that what looked like little specs of black dust on the inside are just part of the plastic. No big deal, I just didn't know what to expect initially.So far the bottles are working well. I have a couple with a more flat bottom and they occasionally miss mixing small clumps around the edges. The rounded bottom on these seems to have eliminated that issue. They're a good size and the lids have held tight for me thus far.I understand that it's probably not possible to make a clear bottle of this type, but the fact that I can't see what's inside is my only minor complaint. I think the smaller ecological impact makes up for this minor inconvenience so I'm not going to dock any points for it.Overall very satisfied.


Why are they called Natty Shakers?

Our Shakers are made out of 100% recyclable material so we call them "Natty", which is a play on the bodybuilding term used to describe someone who never took PEDs (performance-enhancing drugs). Our slogan is "Natural, Even If You Aren't." That's our way of saying regardless of if you're "natty" or not, Natty Shakers has you covered, because we're natural, even if you aren't.

What Are They Made Out Of?

Natty Shakers are made of Wheat Straw and 100% recyclable materials. Natty Shakers are leakproof, smell-proof, dishwasher safe, biodegradable, BPA-FREE, and have a carrying loop for easy travel!

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Every order gets FREE 3-Day Standard shipping! FREE replacement(s) if the Natty Shaker(s) arrive damaged. AND a 30-day warranty if your shaker breaks so you can try Natty Shakers stress-free! :)