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Why Choose A Natty Shaker?

Biodegradable, Made From 100% Recyclable Material!

Every Natty Shaker is made of Wheat Straw and 5x recycled material.Designed with our unique Wheat Straw grain to give it a One of One design and look no other shaker has.

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Free 2-day shipping if you buy it on an Amazon Prime account. Delivered with all recyclable packaging. Including the mixer ball packaging, and card.

Quality Material, Timeless Design

Natty Shakers are 100% BPA-Free, biodegradable, leakproof, durable, with no taste or smell, and dishwasher safe! Fuel your goals while supporting the environment!

Wheat Straw shaker bottles, made from 100% recyclable materials! Natty Shakers are driven to innovate shaker bottles to a more sustainable and Eco-Friendly product. Fuel your goals while supporting the environment!. 


BPA- Free



Dishwasher Safe

No Smell or Aftertaste

Delivered with 100% recyclable packaging! Save 10% by getting the bundle!

Bundle includes (1x Marble Natty Shaker, 1x Black Charcoal Natty Shaker)


How long is shipping?

Free standard shipping is 3-5 Days. If you have an Amazon Prime account, you can get free 2-day shipping!

Do we need to wash before first use?

Yes! Always rinse and wash when receiving a new Natty Shaker. Our Natty Shakers lids are designed to fit perfectly after the first dishwasher rinse. Or, if you don't want to use the dishwasher, give it a quick rinse, and they will adjust after a few uses. :)

What are Natty Shakers made of?

Natty Shakers are made out of Wheat Straw and 5x recycled plastic. They are made from 100% recyclable, and natural material. Delivered with 100% recyclable packaging.

Where is the company based out of?

Natty Shakers is based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada!

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